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Life University Health Center


Dong Woo Park,Ph.D
Ph.D., Yuin University of Oriental Medicine, 2008
M.S., Doogguk-Royal University of Oriental Medicine, 2001
B.S. Soong Sil University of Chemical Engineering, Korea 1985
Dean of Oriental Medicine School

Wung Gyu Whang,Ph.D
Ph.D., in Asian Medicine American Liberty University 2002
         Liaoning University, China 2006
M.S., in Asian Medicine Dongguk University 1994
B.S., in Asian Medicine Yan Bian University, China 1997

James I Kim, MS
M.S., in oriental Medicine Dongguk University 2005
B.S., S in Biology Konkuk Univerisity ,Korea 1995
Director of Life University Health Center

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